Arsenic toxicity

Attention! This is a potentially life-threatening condition for your Cow. Time is of the essence, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Arsenic Toxicity

Arsenic is a nonmetal or metalloid in group V of the periodic table that is found commonly in small amounts, throughout the environment. Arsenic used to be incorporated into a number of common commercially-available products, such as copper chromated arsenate (CCA) wood preservatives (aka "pressure treated wood"), fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, cattle and sheep dips, paints, pigments, cotton desiccants, antifouling paints, fire salts, and leaded gasoline.

In 2001, six calves died from arsenic poisoning due to ingestion of contaminated soil and materials present at an old dump site in their pasture.


Poor skin quality
Change in hair coat color
CNS signs
Sudden death
Evidence of green-color material


  • History
  • Clinical signs
  • Physical exam
  • Laboratory tests
  • Necropsy
  • Soil and water testing


Supportive care

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Risk Factors

  • Allowing cattle access to old dump sites or allowing dumping of old wood materials in pastures

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